The following updates were added to your CollegiateLink system (US campuses only) on 10/11/16

Maintenance Updates
  • Behind the scenes updates to improve performance during high traffic times
  • Performance and security improvements
  • Fix for the various issues in Documents 
  • Migrated PDF generation from application to browser

Most modern browsers, with the notable exceptions of Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer on Windows 8 (representing <1% of overall traffic to CollegiateLink), now enable PDF creation via the print dialogue. We've determined that this modern PDF generation procedure is more advantageous for a host of reasons, ensuring consistent industry-standards as PDF technology evolves being one of the most important.

This migration will represent a slight user experience change in the application.

1. We've merged the "Print View" and "Create PDF" buttons in most areas of the application

2. Once a user is on the Print View a new instructions box will appear that explains how to create a PDF

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