The following updates were added to your CollegiateLink system on 4/19/16

New Features

New Social Media Links

We’ve added several more social media links to organization pages so that groups can connect visitors to all of their online content.

Public Contact Form
We've added a public version of the organization contact form to the site so that non-logged in users can contact an organization, while the organization's contact information remains confidential and secure.
Curriculum Audit when Editing an Event
We've added a new audit sidebar for administrators to see the impact of event detail changes on how the event interacts with curriculums. the sidebar is only visible to Curriculums View/Full and All Access administrators.
Maintenance Updates
  • Improved the API so that it returns positions in a more sensible sort order
  • Added a warning when administrative users remove a position template from an organization type that indicates the side effects of the action
  • Ensured that Co-Curricular Transcripts reflect the proper name of the student, allowing for overwriting by administrators
  • Enhanced the search for Primary Contacts and Parent Organizations in the administrative organization details screen
  • Accessibility enhancements
  • Performance and security improvements
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