The following updates were added to your CollegiateLink system between 3/17/16 and 3/30/16

Maintenance Updates
  • Eliminated the occurrence of events being removed from curriculum item criteria when event details are changed without warning 
  • Improved performance of curriculum item change processor during heavy loads of frequent and successive changes to the same item
  • Corrected an issue that was allowing users who have left their organization to remain as event reviewers for the organization
  • Added more messaging for reviewers who have been added to events based on location
  • Ensured that the desired system name is being used in the event submission form
  • Guarded against deleting administrative only positions in bulk delete on organization roster
  • Enabled the ability to add more than 9 images to a mail relay message without causing formatting issues
  • Blocked organizations from changing default document type names
  • Re-established ability to delete event reviewers who were added by the event form logic
  • Fixed an issue that prevented organization primary contacts to be changed via admins in Canada
  • Accessibility enhancements
  • Performance and security improvements
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