The following updates were added to your CollegiateLink system between 9/1/15 and 9/18/15

New Features

Cover Photo Cropping 

Based on feedback we’ve simplified the process of creating a consistent cover photo by adding a cropping feature to the process of uploading the image, which displays on the home page and other public directory pages of the site.  These new cropping tools allow you to fine-tune which areas of your image will appear on different screen sizes, allowing you to maintain a more consistent image presentation regardless of the device that is being used to view the site.

Bulk End Position Record by Position Template 

In order to help campuses safely end-date position records during roster turnover and officer transition periods we've added a simple tool that allows administrators to set and end-date for all users holding the selected position.

Bulk End Memberships by Organization 

In order to help roster managers clear their roster before registration each year we've added a tool that allows users holding Roster Full permissions in an organization the ability to end all membership records in the organization with a single tool. The Primary Contact and its associated membership record will remain in tact.

View Full Event Image

We've added a full view of each event's cover image by clicking on the image. This makes it easy for users who wish to inspect and review the entire event image before determining if they want to attend.

Hide Membership Records from CCT by Organization Type

We've added the ability for campuses to identify organization types that should not automatically appear on the co-curricular transcript for a student.  Helpful for institutions that use CollegiateLink to promote activities and organizations that may not be considered viable co-curricular experiences. Students can still add their experiences from these organization types, but they will be hidden by default. Please note that this feature is available for students who have already saved their co-curricular transcript.

Maintenance Updates

  • Improved the performance of curriculum item change process to reduce timeouts for large curriculum populations
  • Eliminated possibility of inactivating a position template that is required for registration
  • Corrected an issue that was preventing form reviewers from voting yes/no on form submissions
  • Added more error messages to the Involvement import that identify errors surrounding the end-dating of positions
  • Ensured that event images were available in RSS and API data streams
  • Improved date-picker validation in budgeting form submissions
  • Performance and security improvements
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