One way to give your organization some personality is by adding a Cover Photo. In order to add a photo or make changes, you must be either the Primary Contact of your organization or an officer with full Customization access.

From your organization's home page, click Manage followed by Cover Photos. Clicking Choose File will let you select an image from your computer to upload. Once your file is uploaded, you'll be given the option to choose how to crop your image by resizing the displayed box, then simply hit Save to add the image. To remove a photo, click the Delete button displayed above the image.


You can even have more than one cover photo, allowing your organization to cycle between a few options. If you have uploaded more than one photo, they will display in random order every time someone visits your organization.

Image Guidelines

  • Images should be larger than 1024px by 600px. This is the minimum for a cover photo, however bigger is better in this case.
    • For reference, a photo taken with an iPhone 5s has a resolution of 3264 pixels wide by 2448 pixels tall.
    • If you're measuring in "Dots per Inch" or DPI, 72dpi will work, but 300dpi is preferred.
  • The necessary photo height varies depending on the size of the screen that the image is displayed on. We recommend ratio of around 4:1 (meaning if the photo is 1080 pixels wide, it should be at least 270 pixels tall).
  • Files must be less than 10MB and in PNG, GIF, or JPG format.

Helpful tips

  • Pictures should be horizontal/landscape oriented rectangles.
  • Main focus of the picture should be in the center, whether it's type, a person's face, or some sort of illustration or object. Simple is better.
  • Be flexible in your image choice. CollegiateLink's header images are responsive, meaning it will display the image at different sizes. If a user uploads a picture with the main focus off to the side, it's possible it will be cut off, because of the way images are centered to fit into the container.
  • If a user uploads a vertically oriented rectangle, elements of the image that are outside of the centered focus area will most likely be cut off, especially if it's a person’s head at the top of an image.
  • Avoid using text in your image. Text in the image will be obscured by the elements in the center of the header, and take the viewer's eyes away from your org's name.
  • Many schools have high quality photo libraries that are maintained by their communications and marketing departments where they can find great looking pictures of their campus. Here is an example from Indiana University:
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