The following updates were added to your CollegiateLink system on: 11/21/14 


Maintenance Updates

  • Increased performance of the Users call in the API
  • Reduced the errant creation of duplicate financial transactions via a double click action
  • Clarified the finance transaction system by disallowing minus signs (-) in transaction dollar amount form fields
  • Modified the Users by Curriculum Progress report to report correctly in scenarios where a curriculum does not contain any required items
  • Added logic to appropriately ignore self-reported curriculum item completion during criteria change requests
  • Added a locking mechanism for Curriculum Item Equivalency option after a curriculum has been created
  • Improved Service Hour troubleshooting infrastructure
  • Re-designed the event change comment process, resulting in clearer reporting of the event change comment for reviewers
  • Prepared infrastructure for Corq mobile application launch
  • Performance and security improvements
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