The following updates were added to your CollegiateLink system on: 12/18/13


New Features

Administrative Service Hour approval and reporting page

For the first time administrators of CollegiateLink can review and process (approve/deny) service hour submissions directly from the administrative area of the site.  This new functionality also includes the ability to bulk approve/deny requests.  Administrators can also view overall approved service hour submissions based on date filters.  Finally, administrators can quickly get an appraisal of the monetary impact of the community service that has been performed by students.

Learn more about using the Service Hours Administrative Tracking and Review functionality



Maintenance Updates

  • Underlying .NET infrastructure updated for improved performance and stability
  • Improved curriculum ability to correctly process deleted items when assigned to multiple curriculums
  • Fixed a scenario in which users were able to submit incomplete event submissions if they had returned to a submission after a pause and navigated to a previous screen
  • Corrected an issue where resubmitted denied service hour submissions where creating an error screen
  • Ensured that events that were created in Arizona were not effected by daylight savings time
  • Changed the Twitter URL input to Twitter username on Organization profile
  • Added support in API for events that were created prior to CollegiateLink re-write in 2010
  • Removed an issue where finance accounts with an apostrophe in their title were not allowing child accounts to be appropriately re-assigned to new organizations
  • Added support for all UNIX supported line ending schemes in the automated demographic import processor
  • Corrected an issue where the campus links dropdown background color was missing
  • Added <UserShownOnCampusRoster> attribute to Memberships API call
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