The following items are planned to take effect in your CollegiateLink system on: 8/12/13*
*Please check back changes closer to the date listed above.


New Features

  • New Administrative Interface
    • The administrative user interface has been overhauled to create a consistent look-and-feel with other administrative applications offered by Campus Labs, thereby creating a more uniform experience for those staff members using multiple Campus Labs products.
    • An enhanced "Summary" page is now available for all administrators, providing a graphical overview of pending activity in the system and including new "quick preview" grids that show the last five submissions in all of the system's content areas.
  • Two new options have been added to Position Templates that allow you to create scenarios under which someone like a faculty advisor could have access to review and then optionally approve or deny event requests submitted by the organization to which they belong:
    • There is now an option that, if enabled by an administrator, will allow any holder of a given Position on an organization's roster (tied to the Template selected by the administrator) to be made an Event Reviewer for any event approval request submitted by another member of the organization.
    • There is also an option for allowing holders of a Position that become Event Reviewers to actually approve or deny the event.
  • The "Users by Event Attendance" report has been enhanced to provide administrators the option to include additional attendee data in the report. New options will appear when generating the report allowing for the inclusion of: user demographics, campus information, academic enrollment information, and local/home/abroad contact information.

  • Additional filters on Finance Requests make it easier to view only Purchase or Funding requests, or to show requests based on their currently-assigned Stage.

  • Reporting Access Restructuring
    • Administrators who have "Users Full" or "Users View" will gain access to all six "User" reports.
    • Administrators who have "Events Full" or "Events View" will gain access to all five "Event" reports.
    • Administrators who have "Organizations Full" or "Organizations View" will gain access to all four "Organization" reports.
    • Administrators who have "Finance Full" or "Finance View" will gain access to all three "Finance" reports.
    • Administrators who have "Service Hours Full" or "Service Hours View" will gain access to both "Service" reports.
    • The "Users by Event Attendance" report--which provides data on both events and users--is now accessible to users with "All Access" or a combination of "Users Full" / "Users View" and "Events Full" / "Events View".
    • The "Users by Curriculum Progress" report--which provides data on both curriculums and users--is now only accessible to users with "All Access" or a combination of "Users Full" / "Users View" and "Curriculums Full" / "Curriculums View".
  • Improvements to Finance Transaction Import
    • The maximum length of external transaction numbers accepted by the Finance Transaction Import has been increased to 18 digits to accommodate imports from campus systems such as PeopleSoft/Oracle.
    • Imports created by the campus will now be processed as soon as possible after upload, rather than only occurring at 3:00 AM Eastern time. This means a campus will be able to more-immediately create multiple batches of transaction imports as required, particularly when uploading any corrective imports.
  • A Self-Reported Experience Import tool is now available, allowing administrators to bulk import self-reported experience records for users in the system.


Maintenance Updates

  • Added the automatic transmission of email notifications to all Conditional Reviewers on Events when new event submission or change requests are received.
  • Added the name of the Curriculum that a Domain is assigned to on the Domains list so that Domains with similar names can be more-easily distinguished.
  • Added the name of the Organization that a Position is assigned to on the tiles representing selected Positions assigned to an Outcome.
  • Added information on the status of the request (i.e., Pending, Approved, Denied) to the Event Request details page. If a request has been approved or denied, the name of the approving/denying administrator and any commentary they included when approving/denying the event will be shown.
  • Added a printer-friendly view option to Finance Requests.
  • The option to activate or deactivate an administrative (i.e., campus-wide) election was moved from the Publishing tab to the Properties tab.
  • The number of recently completed Curriculum Items shown on the "Recent Activity" tab of the Curriculum Progress Widget has been reduced from 10 to 5 in order to make the widget take up less room on the user homepage.
  • Addressed an issue with sending users who visit a protected event (e.g., "Campus Only", "Organization Only", "Invite Only") to the authentication screen and then redirecting them to the event details page.
  • Addressed an issue with the display of Organization Twitter feeds caused by changes Twitter made to their tweet streams.
  • Addressed an issue that impacted the ability of some users with certain operating system or browser language settings from entering in service hours.
  • Addressed an issue with the URL included in notifications received from Form submissions.
  • Addressed a discrepancy related to deleted questions/answers showing up in the drop-down menu for adding Conditional Reviewers to event submissions.
  • Addressed a discrepancy with the automatic selecting of a given user's default Curriculum when viewing the Curriculum Progress tab under the Administrative profile of that user.
  • Addressed a discrepancy with sorting Outcomes by their Name or Description.
  • Addressed a discrepancy with the display of the navigational menu shown when viewing the Contact Information page.
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