The following items are planned to take effect in your CollegiateLink system on: 6/6/13 

(Please check back for potential changes to the release schedule)


New Features

  • Administrative and Organization-created forms can now be copied. The copy feature will create a duplicate of a given form, including all properties, pages, questions, answers, and even conditional/display-logic settings. The option to copy notification lists and reviewers (administrative forms only) will be offered to users when clicking on the "Copy" link that now appears in the list of forms.


Maintenance Updates

  • Addressed an issue with the Organizations by Interest report related to the inclusion of past interests
  • Changed the date shown on the administrative list of event approval requests to show the date/time a request was submitted instead of when it was originally created (since an event request can be created and then saved for further editing before it is actually submitted).
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