The following items are planned to take effect in your CollegiateLink system on: 1/4/13

New Features

  • In a previous release, it was announced that institutions using the Curriculum Module could create an infinite number of Curriculums. In order to continue facilitating the addition of multiple Curriculums to the system, the following changes have been made:
    • The Curriculum Progress Widget displayed on the administrative version of each user's profile now features a drop-down menu to allow administrators to toggle the progress view for each curriculum in which the user is enrolled.
    • It is now possible to change the name of your Curriculum functionality across the site. Previously, if a user was a participant in a curriculum, when he or she viewed the community homepage it would display “My Curriculum” above the curriculum progress bars for that user, and also show “Curriculums” as the name of the link in the user's “My Involvement” menu. Now however, campuses can request a site-wide custom value to be shown to all curriculum participants. Contact CollegiateLink Support ( if you wish to change the custom value. By default it will be set to "Curriculum Progress".

Maintenance Updates

  • Changed the self-reflection input box for memberships and event attendances so that it stays open until a user clicks the "Save" or "Cancel" button.
  • Addresses an issue with the display of event categories restricted to Administrators.
  • Addressed a discrepancy with adding and removing Self-Reported Experiences on the Co-Curricular Transcript.
  • Addressed a discrepancy with the display of the "Show/Hide" buttons on the Section Sort window on the Co-Curricular Transcript.
  • Addressed a discrepancy with the display of the "Class Standing" field in the "Enrollment" section of user profiles.
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