The following will take effect your CollegiateLink system on: 1/16/12

New Features

  • Election tallies and statistics will now be automatically calculated and displayed on the "Results" tab of any election. These include a count of eligible voters, voter turn-out percentages, and the number/percentage of votes cast for candidates. Results are sorted, displaying the highest counts (or winners) at the top.
  • Publishing options will now be available for elections, making it easier to share a link to the ballot and providing more control over whether an alert should be shown on the community or organization-specific homepage.
  • A custom header paragraph can now be placed directly under the logo/seal on the Co-Curricular Transcript; a similar footer paragraph for the bottom of the Transcript is also now available. These are intended to provide institutions more ability to include explanation or disclaimer language on the Transcript.
  • Additional customization options have been added to the Transcript, such as the ability to change the color of the Learning Outcomes chart (allowing the Transcript to more closely match school colors and designs) or disable the display of the login/username on the document.
  • Students now have more control over the inclusion and display of their self-reflections on the Co-Curricular Transcript, allowing them to more-appropriately tailor the document to situations requiring differing levels of detail on their collegiate experiences (i.e. advising from student affairs professionals vs. interviewing with graduate admissions officers).


Maintenance Updates

  • Improved the ability to add an event to Google calendar with support for local time zones.
  • Addressed an issue where privacy settings could keep a student from receiving a Primary Contact position.
  • Addressed an issue where "Invite Only" events were not correctly setting access settings.
  • Addressed an issue with messaging permissions related to using text messaging functionality.
  • Addressed an issue where Optional Positions assigned to an Organization Type were not being made available to certain groups.
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