The following will take effect your CollegiateLink system on: 12/7/11

New Features

  • A new feature called the Community Directory is now available for all member campuses. Please check out the video introduction and let a CollegiateLink staff member know if you'd like to enable this feature.
  • Because organization events may often have similar names, a unique numeric ID is now automatically assigned to all events in order to assist administrators with searching, tracking, and managing these events. This unique ID will also be useful for creating references within external event management systems.
  • Event IDs can be found in all administrative views of unapproved and approved events.
  • Event IDs are also included in all event-related reports/exports.


Maintenance Updates

  • A new interface for changing the Primary Contact of an organization was added to the Manage Roster screen.
  • The name of the event submitter was added as a column on the administrative grid of approved events.
  • The ability to search for organizations by their name on administrative Finance grids was added.
  • When progressing through search result listings on the Organization Directory or Event Directory page, users will now be taken to the top of the page upon each subsequent change to a new page of results.
  • The Event Form labels for checkbox comment fields will now always be displayed on the administrative event review screen.
  • The Involvement Importer is now case-insensitive and will process imports regardless of the text case on user or position names.
  • The roster management interface for any active organization can now be accessed by administrators even if a given organization does not have a Primary Contact.
  • The descriptive text was made clearer for the organization elections option that limits access to only users who are part of a given organization's roster.
  • An issue related to moving Custom Form questions from one page to another was addressed.
  • Users with full access to the Messaging function can now successfully open the individual member selector when composing a message.
  • An issue related to Document Library Type descriptions not saving when first created was addressed.
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