The following items will take effect on your site on 8/11/2011:

New Features:

  • A new top menu bar with a customizable color was added to make it easier to access account information, shortcuts to organizations the user is a member of, system help, and to log in or out of the site.
  • Users will now see their profile picture on the homepage when they log in and can quickly access their profile information through a new edit profile button.
  • Users will now see reminders for selecting their interests and providing their mobile contact information if text messaging functionality is enabled.
  • Event Categories can now be added to events by administrators or users during the submission approval process. These categories are displayed on the Events popup window on the Flyerboard as well as the Event details page.
  • Event Categories can now be used to search for or filter event results on the Events directory page.
  • Administrators can now archive Event Categories and re-activate them when desired.
  • An option to allow students to self-report past attendance at events was added to the event submission creation process.

Maintenance Updates:

  • Corrected an incompatibility issue with Internet Explorer 9 related to approving or denying events.
  • Corrected an incompatibility issue with Internet Explorer related to ordering questions on the custom form builder.
  • The search bar on the Events directory page was moved to the top of the screen for easier access.
  • An issue causing timestamps in the Central Standard Time zone to be displayed improperly was addressed.
  • Additional formatting was applied to the Finance request PDF document in order to increase readability.

The following will take effect on your site on 8/19/2011:

New Features:

  • Organization officers with access to submit Finance requests will now see the current stage a request submitted for the organization is in.
  • There is a new shortcut button on the Administrative Finance interface for creating deposit, payment, transfer, and allocation transactions.
  • A new searchable payee “tab” was added to the Administrative Finance interface, showing a list of all payees attached to requests.

Maintenance Updates:

  • The "My Involvement" navigation menu was moved to the new top menu bar in order to put all user-specific navigation in one easily-accessible location.
  • The “External ID” was added as a new column on the Finance Account report.
  • An error message was added to handle the upload of profile images that exceed the maximum size.
  • The default sorting order on certain finance grids was changed to show the most recent items first.

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