New Features:

  • Campus administrators are now able to archive or unarchive any user, individually or in bulk by file upload.
  • The user list under Administration can now be filtered to display administrators or unconfirmed users (those who have not completed the account creation process) in addition to regular confirmed users.
  • Certain reports can be filtered by user status of Active/Archived/All.
  • Previously-generated reports can be accessed on the main Reporting page under Administration. Only those reports that the user created, and not those of other administrators, will be listed.
  • When generating reports, users can indicate a preference to receive e-mail notification when the report has finished running and is ready for download.
  • Addition of the Event Approval Requests report that contains all requests for event approval based on status and/or date range.
  • Event form submissions details can be included in all event-related reports.
  • Administrators may now generate a printer-friendly or PDF view of an event form submission from the list of all approved or unapproved submissions, or an individual submission details page.
  • First-time users creating an account will only be required to provide their first name, last name, campus e-mail, and verification of privacy policy (if applicable).
  • A popup window of required user profile additional fields will display for users upon logging in. This can be disabled, set to only appear for new users, or set to appear for all users of the system.
  • Addition of “Organization Profile Picture” step to be optionally included in organization registration.
  • Addition of “Organization Summary” required field during the registration process. This information will be displayed on the organization directory page.

Maintenance Updates:

  • Additional required fields added to any part of the system are now clearly labeled as being required.
  • Added helper text to clarify the purpose of certain fields during the organization registration process.
  • Improved visual separation of system generated instructions and institution-created instructions on the first page of the registration process.
  • Added ability for Administrator to edit organization social media URLs.
  • Improved layout of Financial Request printer-friendly and PDF views.
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