During the transition to the new version of CollegiateLink, in an attempt to improve overall performance, we streamlined several of the grids in the system.  For most areas of the site the changes made to the grids have been agreeable to everyone using them.  

However, we've heard some really great feedback from campuses using the finance feature that indicates that our streamlining effort may have disrupted campus processes and use habits.  As we continue to work with campuses on building a wonderful finance experience we hope that the following adjustments help you in your processes.

As always, we are inspired by your feedback, please keep it coming.


1. We’ve made the finance grids bigger (15 items at a time) and have tabbed them so that the page didn’t get too crowded (this also helps with the performance of the site).


2. You’ll also notice in the image above that the request number column has been added.

3. The “stage” column is now searchable, so if you search “treasurer” in this example it will return a list of requests in the “treasurer” stage.


4. Grids for Transactions now have the memo field listed. Detailed information about a transaction can be found by clicking on the Transaction #.



5. You can cancel a request, after it has been approved but before any transactions have been added to it. Once a transaction has been added it cannot be set to the “Canceled” status.




6. Finance “Full” Admins can pull finance reports from the reporting section.  They will only see the finance reports and none of the others if they are not “All Access” admins.


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