Adding Reviewers for Event Submissions

reviewers.jpgWhen an event is submitted for approval by a student, an event administrator can now choose reviewers to review, comment and vote to approve or deny the event.  While reviewing a submission, administrators with full events rights can select any user of the system to add as a reviewer to the content.  As a reviewer, a user can comment on the event and provide a thumbs up/down to show approval or disapproval of the event request 

Event administrators can notify and remind reviewers that they are invited to review an event through the “Manage Reviewers” area of the event submission review page.  An administrator can, at any time, approve or deny the event regardless of the status of the thumbs up/down of each reviewer.


Event Form

Utilizing the powerful form building and branching logic tools of the system, campus administrators can now choose to require that a student fill out an additional form when creating an event submission.  This form can contain multiple forms (risk management, equipment rental, special permit requests, etc…) that can be displayed to a student based on how they answer keystone questions.  This allows your campus to digitize common event-related forms into an easy-to-use process that allows for multiple reviewers to read and evaluate if the event is in line with campus policies and guidelines.


Submission History

If an event gets re-submitted or changed after it has been approved or denied the system now retains a copy of each version of the submission. This allows students and administrators the ability to see the changes for each round of approval.  All comments and thumbs up/down information are retained for historical record.  This is a great way to see the approval conversation about an event during the evaluation of the event’s success.


Browse the Events Section of the support site for more information and step-by-step instructions.  We also invite you to one of our upcoming webinars to learn more about these new features.

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