The following aspects have been added to your campus site, where applicable. If you have any questions about any of these items, please contact your CollegiateLink Support Specialist.

  • All positions automatically set to be visible on the Co-Curricular Transcript if it is turned on for the campus.
  • E-mail address column added to Involved Users and User Involvement reports. Preferred e-mail address displays by default unless this is not provided by the user.
  • A pop-up will display for any user who has a pending membership/position invitation for an organization when they access that organization, with the ability to indicate the appropriate privacy setting for the membership/position.
  • Forms page under Admin will now display 25 per page.
  • Admin users can now delete any wall posts from the main campus feed.
  • New report, Event Attendance Report, added to the Admin Reporting section as well as the Track Attendance page for each event.
  • A message will now display for anyone who has Javascript disabled on their browser, indicating that they need to enable Javascript in order to continue accessing the site.
  • Past Involvement Requests under Admin now include date range of involvement.
  • Additional fields for finance can now be distinguished as either a Purchase or Funding request.
  • Updates were made to the accessibility performance.
  • Position Templates, or global positions, can be deactivated from being used by an organization, and cannot be re-activated at this time.

Maintenance Updates:

  • “Sent” section under Messages is temporarily hidden for maintenance.
  • Involvement Import functionality is temporarily hidden for maintenance.
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