How can I grant administrative access or make someone a new site administrator? - To give someone access to the administrative features of CollegiateLink, sign in and click on the administration tab, then Users.  Click the user whose access you would like to adjust then scroll to the bottom and you'll see Management Access which is where you can grant No Access, Limited, or Full access for each feature within CollegiateLink.  For an explanation on what each access level means, click here.  

How can I train my Student Leaders?  - For an informational video in regard to training your student leaders, click here.

What is the difference between Organization Types and Categories? - Organization Types and Categories are ways you can organize and differentiate between organizations within CollegiateLink.  For more information, click here

How do I add a Position Template to Organizations? - Position templates allow you to set CollegiateLink wide access for officer positions whom you would like to have similar attributes.  For step by step directions, click here.  For directions on how you can assign position templates to organizations, click here.  If you need to change the permission settings on a previously created position template, click here.

How do I create an Organization Registration? - You can click here for short, step by step directions. 

How can I create Campus Wide elections? -  For step by step directions in regard to adding bio pictures to your election, click here

How can I edit the details of an event while reviewing the submission? - Due to the new approval process, an event must be in "Started", "Approved", or "Denied" status in order to have any edits made to the event details or any form information.  If you have small edits to make to the event details during the review process, we recommend that you Approve the event and then through the Administration page, make the edits to the Event.  If you make the edits through the organization's page, the event will be resubmitted for approval.

How do I remove students from CollegiateLink?  - Collegiatelink allows you to remove or "archive" users individually or in bulk for graduates.   For directions on how to individually archive a student within CollegiateLink, click here.  For steps and suggestions in regard to bulk archiving users, click here

How do i configure the Community Directory? - The community directory feature enables your CollegiateLink system to display information about a user to others.  This may include user profile information and additional fields that you determine are important to be public.  For more information, click here.

What reporting capabilities are available for the information on my site? - As a campus administrator, you can generate reports from your CollegiateLink site that include various pieces of information contained within your site. These reports vary in size and complexity and may take several minutes to generate completely, but can be accessed at any time after the original report has been created. The data contained within the report, however, does not update when accessed. A new report must be generated to access new information entered into the system since the report was originally created.  For more information on generating these reports, click here.

How can I create an Alert to display on the homepage? - Alerts are quick messages that will display on the top of the home page once logged in to CollegiateLink.  For instructions on creating alerts, click here.  For instructions on inserting form links into alerts, click here.

How can I create Sub - Committees? - CollegiateLink can be used to set up sub-committees in two different ways for large and small organizations.  For more information, click here

Can users receive system notifications via text message? -  Yes, as long as your campus has purchased the appropriate software package.  Fore more information, click here

What is the difference between the amount of available funds and the balance of my account? - The Available Funds amount changes when finance requests are approved for the account.  The Balance changes when Payments or Transfers are attached to the finance requests. The Available Funds are what decisions should be based off of when making finance requests.


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