1. Log into your campus' Collegiatelink.
    2. Click on the “See all” button in the Co-Curricular Tracking Progress section of your home page.
    3. After you click on “See all”, you will be directed to a page where you can view your Curriculum progress.
    4. If your campus is conducting more than one Curriculum program, make sure that the "Progress For" drop-down field within your Curriculum tracking is set to the correct one you want to get credit for.
    5. On the Co-Curricular Tracking page, you can select each level or drop-down box and view the credit that you received or that you still have to earn.
    6. Each level/drop-down box will show the credit that you received and the items that you still need to fulfill. You will also see the number of “Completion Requirements” that you must complete as well in each level/drop-down box.
    7. Based on your progress for a particular aspect of the curriculum, you will see one of five possible icons:



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