Photos are a great way to show off the exciting things your organization has done! To add photos to your organization's gallery...




1. Log in to your campus site.

2. Go to your organization’s page and select Gallery.

3. Select Create New Album.

4. Enter a name for the album and a brief description.

5. Indicate who can view the photo album based on their position.

6. Click Create Album.

7. Click on the title of the album.

8. Click “Add Photos”.



9. Select the file(s) from a saved location and include a caption. (you may also drag and drop multiple images from your desktop into the upload area. This feature is dependent on specific technology in modern browsers, your browser may not support drag and drop.)

10. Click Upload All.


 Note: To add photos or videos to an organization's site, a user must hold a position that has "Photo - Full" access. 

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