From the Roster menu option on your organization’s page:

1. Click the “Manage Positions” link.

2. A list of all the current positions available for your organization will be listed. Some of these may be organization created, while others may system-wide positions.

3. Click the “Postition” button at the top of the page.

4. Identify the name of the new position.

5. Select the type of position most appropriate for the new position.

6. Set the following options as appropriate:

  • Show holders of this position on the organization’s roster: The user holding the position is visible on the organization’s roster.
  • Active: The position is available for a user to hold. If this is not checked, the position will only be available as a Past Position.

7. Grant the position No, All, or Limited access to the organization’s site. Limited access allows you to select each aspect of the organization’s site that the position should not access, have full access to, or only be able to view.

8. Click “Create”.

*Once the position has been created, it may take a few minutes before it can be assigned to a member. If you do not see the position immediately, please give the system a few minutes while the position is being generated.

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