Site administrators have the ability to create Position Types to categorize Position Templates within the site. These position types provide a grouping mechanism for your Positions. These types will also determine the section title that appears in the roster page that displays Positions.


To create position types, navigate to your Administration tools, select Organizations, and select Position Types. Click the Create Position Type button at the top of the page. Enter the name of your position type. Examples include Advisors, Officers, Executive Board Members, or Staff.


Check the box next to "Display in the Officer section on the organization's roster" if you want positions of this type to appear under that specific heading in the organization roster.


Check the box next to "Is Active" if you want positions to be able to identify with this type. If you ever have a type that you wish to archive or no longer want to be in use, simply deselect "Is Active" to ensure no position can be tied to that position type.

Click Create to create your position type. You can always go back in and edit a type by clicking on its name in the full list of position types. Read about how to associate position templates to a specific type here.

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