From the Organizations option on the Administration page:

1. Locate the organization in the list.

2. Click on the name of the organization name.

3. Go to the Positions tab.

4. The Position Templates that are available for this organization are listed. Click on the name of the position to make edits.

5. Update the name of the position as it will appear for this organization.

6. Update the remaining options as appropriate:

  • Only Assignable by Administrator: The position can only be assigned to a member of an organization by an administrator.
  • Automatically Approve Requests: Past membership requests for the position will be automatically approved.
  • Visible on Roster: The position is visible on the organization’s roster.
  • Visible on CCT: The position is visible on the user’s Co-Curricular Transcript, if applicable.
  • Position Name Can Not be Changed: The position’s name cannot be changed by the organization.
  • Security Permissions are Locked: The security permissions for the position are locked.
  • Is Active: The position is currently active for the organization. Positions can be inactive if only able to be applied as a past position.
  • Management Access: Different access levels can be applied for each position. The position can access nothing on the organization’s site, access all aspects of the organization’s site, or only specific aspects of the organization’s site.

7. Click “Update” when all changes have been made.


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