To make changes to an organization page, you must be either the primary contact, or hold an officer position within the group that has been assigned access to administrative features. If you are looking to contact someone that can make changes to a page you are a member of, you can find contact information on the Roster page for your organization.

Editing information about your organization

If you have permissions to make changes to your organization, edit your organization's details by clicking About along your organization's toolbar then select Edit on the right side of the page.


Here you will be able to update your organization summary, contact information, social media information and profile picture. If you are adding links to social media pages, make sure they set to public. If you are adding a Facebook link, make sure it's a group page. Links to personal profiles will not display on your page. When you're done making changes, click Update to save.

Note: Information listed in the Contact Page and External Page Links section will be made available on your organization home page, and will be shown on the public side of the site. Users that are not logged into the system will be able to see this information, so do not include anything that shouldn't be public.

Managing your organization

The Manage tab is another area where you can update information about your organization. Specifically, this area allows you to update your organization's interests and cover photos.


Organizations are able to select the interests that are most closely associated with their organization. They can then rank these interests in order of importance to them. These interests are used to match students with organizations that share their common interests and create opportunities for purposeful student engagement.

Cover Photos

Cover Photos are displayed a the top of your organization page each time someone visits your site. Under the Cover Photo tab, you are able to upload multiple photos that represent your organization. To upload a new cover photo, click Choose File and select a saved image. When you click open, the image should upload and allow you to crop it to fit your needs. Be sure to click Save to confirm your changes.

If you've uploaded more than one cover photo, they will display in random order each time someone visits your site. Click here if you would like to learn more about cover photos and specific size requirements. 

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