Adding participants to a curriculum allows a specific population of designated students to complete Curriculum items and view progress toward achieving Curriculum requirements.

To add participants, navigate to the Administration button. Select the Curriculums drop-down and select Curriculum List. From here, select the Curriculum to which you would like to add participants.


Under the description box, select the Only selected users will participate in the Curriculum option and then the Update option in the bottom of the page. Once that setting has updated, select the Participants tab.


Once you are in the participant area, select Add Participants. You can add participants one by one by selecting the add button next to those individual users.


If you decide to upload a list of users through the multiple tab, you can copy and paste your list into the text box field then click on the Add Participants button located below that box. Please note that you can add as many users as you want but you can only process a maximum of 1000 users at a time.


Upon importing users into a curriculum, viewing the History tab will allow you to see the history of user imports you processed for that particular curriculum.


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