1. Log in to your campus site.

2. Go to your organization.

3. Click on Elections on the right side of the menu bar.

4. Click the “Create Election” button.

5. Identify the Name of the election, if it should include instructions, and any additional instructions that should be included.

6. Indicate if the election should be active and the date range you’d like the election to be available during.

*Once the election is set to Active and it falls within the date range, a prompt will display on the main page of your community or organization-specific site for eligible users to vote.*

7. Indicate whether or not you would like an alert to be displayed on the organization's homepage when the election is active and voting is open.

8. Indicate if the election is for organization members only.

9. Click “Save”.

 *You can create as many ballots as needed. Each ballot can be accessible to the general user population or any number of the eligibility lists. A user will see each ballot they are designated to see.*

9. Click “Create Ballot”.

10. Enter the name of the ballot.

11. Indicate if this ballot should be available to all users by clicking on Enable or Disable.

IF you Disable the General access, THEN:

12. Indicate for each Eligibility List who should access this ballot:

  • Allow: allows the users on the list can access the ballot 
  • Deny: users cannot access the ballot and supersedes an allow list 
  • Ignore: the list will not be used for the ballot

**Only your site administrators have access to create an eligibility list with a selected list of users who can vote in your election. You must reach out to your site administrator if you would like an eligibility list created for your organization election.  

13. Click “Save” when all access has been identified.


** You are now taken to our form builder, with limited question types. Please see Create Forms for complete instructions on creating/editing questions. **

** You can always access the ballot title and eligibility list settings via the “Properties” tab when first accessing the election. **


14. Click “Back To Ballots” when you have created all of the questions for this ballot.

15. Repeat steps 9-13 for each additional ballot needed.


You have now built your election. Be sure that it is set to Active so that the prompt will display on the main page of your organization's site for members to vote.

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