Elections results are accessible to both administrators and student officers. However, campus administrators are the only users who have access to the list of people who have voted in the election. Below are two different sets of instructions on how to access results for campus administrators and student officers:

For Campus Administrators (Campus-Wide Elections):

1. Log into your campus site.

2. Click on the Administration link on your homepage to access your campus-wide election.

3. Click on the "Elections" drop-down list.

4. Click on "Election List."

5. Select the election you want to view.

6. Click on the "Results" tab.

7. A snapshot of the current results will display, including the current total number of participating voters, the current number of votes cast for each option, and the current percentages of votes per option.

8. Click on the name of a specific ballot to view individualized results.

9. Click the “Export All Votes” button to download an Excel file of all the ballot entries.

 10. Click the "Export All Voters" button* to download an Excel file of all the individuals who voted.

 *The "Export All Voters" button will only appear for users who are All Access administrators on the organization level or campus-wide level.

For Student Officers (Organization Elections):

1. Log into the your campus site.

2. Navigate to your organization's page by clicking on the name of your organization from the "My Organizations" area on the Home page.

3. Click on "Elections" on the right hand side of the menu bar.

4. Select the election you want to view.

5. Click on the "Results" tab.

6. You can select the "Export All Votes" button to download your results into an excel file or you can view the snapshot of the current results displayed on the "Results" page. Click on a specific ballot in order to view individualized ballot response counts.

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