** Only campus administrators can access, update, and create eligibility lists for elections. **

 1. Log in to your campus site.

2. Click on the "Administration" on your site's homepage.

3. Click on the "Elections" drop-down list at the top of your page.

4. Click on the "Eligibility Lists" option.

5. Click the “Create Eligibility List” button.


6. Enter the name and a brief description  of the eligibility list. The description field is optional.

7. Indicate if the eligibility list should be assigned to a specific organization. By default, “No” is selected. Select the appropriate organization, if applicable.

8. Select the "Type of file" (either usernames or e-mail addresses) from the drop-down menu.

9. Browse and select the CSV (comma delimited) file containing the usernames or e-mail addresses to upload. (The cap for this upload would be 10,000 users, but we encourage you to use fewer to ensure successful processing of your file)

10. Click “Save”.

11. Repeat steps 2-11 for each eligibility list you’d like to create.


 You are now ready to create an Election and apply eligibility lists to your ballots!

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    Can you be more specific about how the list should look? Usernames are last name, first name of the user?

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