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This new feature allows all-access site administrators to made changes to individual user memberships within organizations. It can be found by going to the Administration page and clicking Users. Choose the User whose memberships you need to edit or remove and click on the Memberships Tab.

Any current or past Organization memberships for that User will appear in a list. 

Add User to Organization

If you want to add a user’s membership to an organization, click +Add Organization button.



Select the Organization, and then click +Membership Period


Add user’s Start Date in the organization, and if it is a past membership, add an End Date.*

*Please be aware, end dates cannot be in the future.

To add a position, see below under Edit User Membership.


Edit User Memberships

Click the organization in which you wish to edit the user’s membership

A visual timeline of all the user’s Membership Periods will be displayed at the top of the page.

Find the Membership Period you want to change.


Edit: Allows you to change the dates of the entire Membership Period. Be aware this could affect positions listed within the Membership Period.

+Position: Allows you to add a position within that Membership Period. ALL available Positions will be shown via a drop down box. Select the position and a Start Date. If applicable, select an End Date. (End date cannot be in the future).  

Delete: Allows you to completely remove the Membership Period from the user’s record.  It will remove ALL positions associated with the Membership Period.

 Please Use Caution when deleting a Membership Period. It removes the membership from:

  • Involvement Record for Students
  • Hometown Co-Curriculum fulfillment options (Note that already calculated completion credit will NOT be removed)
  • Current/Past Membership under Student Involvement



Add Membership Period

To add a Membership Period to an Organization to which a user is already a member, select the organization, and then select +Membership Period

The new Membership Period cannot overlap with an existing or previous Membership Period.


Edit User Positions

To edit a Position rather than an entire Membership Period, find the Position you want to edit under the appropriate Membership Period.


Use the icons to the right of the Position to Edit Dates or Delete the Position completely.  Please Use Caution when deleting a Position as it cannot be undone.

Keep in mind that Position Date Ranges cannot exceed associated Membership Periods.


Merge Memberships


If a user has multiple Membership Periods that should be consolidated into one period, you can use the Merge button to combine record (for example, Membership Period #1 from 9/1/2013 – 12/1/2013 and Membership Period #2 from 12/3/2013 – Present). This is sometimes the result of an Involvement Import or a user leaving an organization accidentally. 

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