Updating an Existing Form - Title, Date range, or Description

From the specific form:

1. Click the “Properties” button in the top-right corner of the page.

2. Update the Name, active date range, and active status as needed.

3. Update any other properties of the form as needed.

4. Click “Save”.


Updating an Existing Form - Questions, Pages, or Conditions

1. Click the name of the title on the main Form listing page.

2. Locate the question(s) and/or page(s) that updates need to be made to.


To update questions:

3. Click on a question and then the Edit icon  to update the question as a whole.

  • Update question text under the Properties tab.
  • Reformat the size of the text box. Go to the Answers tab and adjust the number of columns and rows to the desired size.

4. Click “Ok” when all edits have been made.


5. Click "Apply" to save changes as you navigate tabs and answer choices.


To update pages:

1. Click “Page List” just above the questions on the page.

2. Hover over the page where updates need to be made. Options will appear at the top of the page icon.

  • Move page by dragging and dropping the page:
  • Delete page: 

3. Click on the page you’d like to edit. You can update the questions or specific page properties.

4. Click the “Page Properties” button to update the title, indicate if takers should be allowed to go back to the previous page, or add Conditions. ** See Advanced Form Options: Conditions for specifics on Conditions. **

5. Click “OK”.

6. You automatically return to the question listing view.

7. Click the “Back to List” button when all edits have been made.


Removing Questions

1. Locate the question in the form that needs to be removed.

2. Click on the question for the editing options to appear.

3. Click the red X in the far right side of the editing options.

4. Confirm deletion.

** Only questions with no data collected can be deleted from the form. Contact your CollegiateLink support staff if you are unable to delete a question. **


Removing Pages

1. Click the “Page List” button near the top of the page when editing the form.

2. Hover over the page that needs to be removed.

3. Click the  that appears in the top right corner.

4. Confirm deletion.


Removing Forms

Currently, you cannot delete a form completely from your campus site. You can make the form Inactive so no further submissions will be received.

1. Locate the form you’d like to remove in the Forms list.

2. Click on the name of the form.

3. Click on "Properties".

4. Deselect "Active".

5. Click "Save".

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