Are you looking to start a new organization on campus? Registering through your campus's CollegiateLink site will allow you to create events for your organization, manage your organization's membership, share information, and communicate efficiently with members.

To register a new organization, navigate to the Organizations tab at the top of your CollegiateLink homepage. If your campus is allowing new organizations to register at this time, you will see a button that says Register on the left side of the page underneath the search options.


Clicking Register will start your organization registration process. From there, you will be asked to complete a number of steps determined by your institution. You might be asked to fill out a profile, select interests, or upload an organization roster. To learn more about each of these potential steps and for help about how to complete them, click here. Click Next at the bottom of each page when you have completed the step to progress to the next step in the process. You will have the chance to review each step before submitting your completed registration. When you are finished, click Submit for Approval to send your request to your campus administrators. To learn more about how to view the status of your submission or to update it after submitting, click here.

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