Once you have created your organization registration processes, you can assign these registrations to both new and existing organizations. When you assign a registration to new organizations, you are identifying the process for organizations registering for the first time. For existing organizations, you are assigning the process for an organization to re-register or renew their organization.

Assigning registrations to all new organizations

To assign a registration to all new organizations on campus, click on Organizations from your Administration tab and then select Registration Defaults. Next to "New Organization Registration", select the appropriate registration from the drop-down menu and click Save. This registration will now be the default for all new organizations registering for the first time.


Assigning registrations to existing organizations

There are two ways that registrations can be assigned to existing organizations. First, you can choose to assign the same re-registration process to all existing organizations. Do this by returning to the Registration Defaults page and selecting the appropriate registration next to "Existing Organization Registration". Be sure to only use this option if all existing organizations will be using the same process to re-register.


You can also choose to assign different re-registration processes for your existing organizations based on their organization type. In other words, you might want your Fraternities and Sororities to go through a different renewal process than your Student Affairs Departments. To assign different re-registration processes by organization type, navigate to your Administration tools, click Organizations, and then select Organization Types. Click on the name of the type you would like to assign a registration process to and click the Registration tab. Next to "Registration Form," use the drop-down to select the appropriate registration and click Save. Repeat this process for each organization type in your system.



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