The News tool allows you to keep your members up-to-date on all of your latest news. With a format similar to a blog, members can view a quick summary of the most recent news or drill down to view the full contents of each post. To access this tool, select News along your organization's toolbar.image

Creating a news article

If you have full access to the News tool, you'll see a blue Create Article button in the top left of the page. Click this to start building your article. The first questions on the page will ask for a title, summary, and the content of the article. Next, you'll see some additional settings like the headline image. This image will appear in the news ticker next to your summary, as well as at the top of your article. Upload the image by clicking Choose File and then select the image you wish to include.


After the header is the visibility settings. This allows you to determine who can see your news post. You have a few options as far as this goes:

  • The Public
  • Anyone On Campus (Requires Authentication)
  • Only People on the Organization Roster
  • Only Organization Members in Specific Positions

When you're finished, hit Save at the bottom to create your post. Your article will automatically post to your organization’s wall and to the campus news ticker for members of your organization.

Sharing a news article

After you create an article, share it! There are a couple of different ways to do this. If you want to share a specific article, click on it from the News list then scroll down. Below the article you should see the ability to share the article on various social media sites. In addition, you can leave a comment and discuss the article with other users.

If you'd like to subscribe to future news articles from the organization you're viewing, go to the News tool then click RSS Feed at the top of the page. This will provide all of the details about the RSS feed. Note: You will need an RSS reader to interpret the RSS feed. Typically, this is an extension you can download on your internet browser if you do not have one already.


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