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Other Student Leader/Officer Questions

Nicole Kujawski August 17, 2010 Latest comment 4

How to obtain your Google Calendar address

David Grabowski October 19, 2011

How To Submit An Event

Chris DeMarchis Jul 10

How To Message Your Members

Chris DeMarchis Jun 25

Edit Your Organization Roster

Chris DeMarchis Jun 23

How do I become the Primary Contact for my organization?

JD White June 29, 2010 Latest comment 1

When should I post on my organization's Wall rather than send a message to members of my organization?

Nicole Kujawski August 19, 2010 Latest comment 2

How can I create a new organization?

JD White June 29, 2010

Who can submit Funding and Purchase Requests?

Nicole Kujawski August 20, 2010

How do I post a flyer?

JD White June 29, 2010